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Spicy Aromas

Spicy Aromas


What are your favorite smells of Fall?   Pumpkin spice2

What are your favorite smells of Fall?  Crisp clean air, the smell of the woodstove burning and Pumpkin pie cooking.

Well, here in Northern California we are having the crisp clean air.  It is still a little too warm in the afternoons to be lighting the stove in the mornings.  Yesterday it got over 90 degrees in the middle of October.  I am NOT complaining, don’t get me wrong.  But it got me started thinking about the pumpkin pie.  The spicy aromas of pumpkin pie cooking.

So I dug through my cupboard of essential oils and I do not have exactly what I need there.

I went to my kitchen cupboard and found some powdered cooking spices.  I had both “Pumpkin Pie” spice blend and one called “Allspice”.  I love the smell of that one too.  So I mixed 1 tablespoon of each of those in 1 oz of Almond oil.  Of all the oils I have on hand that one had the least amount of its own aroma.

Then I poured a small amount into the top of my ceramic scent warmer and have lit the tea candle. As I am finishing up this typing I am beginning to smell it.  Yum!!!

I am going to order the oils I do not have to make the recipe below, I think it will be that much better as it will be more concentrated.

The Mountain Rose Herb site has a wonderful sounding  recipe using these oils.

Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil Blend

20 drops organic Cinnamon essential oil

20 drops organic Ginger essential oil

20 drops organic Nutmeg essential oil

15 drops organic Clove Bud essential oil

5 drops organic Cardamom essential oil –

 See the full article, recipe and directions here at Mountain Rose.  You can buy the oils and wonderful warmers also.

About the Author Marguerite

I have owned my own Beauty Salon for 38 years (as of 2018). I enjoy talking to my clients and helping them in any way I can, not just their hair, nails and skin. I have been studying essential oils and beauty care products for many years. Over five years ago I started making my own cleaning product and body care products. I have tweaked my recipes many times and am probably not done. :) In 2017 I decided it was time to venture out and begin to share my skincare line with my clients, family and friends. With their great feedback I knew it was time to get them on my webpage. This year, 2018, it is time to share my essential oil products. Keep a look out while my offerings grow! Enjoy, thank you and GodBless.

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