Slow Cooker Roast

Slow Cooker Roast –

Slow Cooker Roast is a fantastic Fall/Winter food!!

The mornings are starting to cool off, it is getting darker earlier, Fall is right around the corner.  I say this with mixed emotions.  I Love Summer!

With Fall this year also brings my first purchase of a half of Grass Fed Local Beef!!  I can’t believe how excited I am.  So this gets me thinking of recipes to use this meat.  Some of my Fall/Winter go to’s.  Slow Cooker Roast is definitely one of them as I can put it on in the morning, go to work and not worry about it again.  I was going to say “Not think about it again”,  but that would be untrue because as the day goes on I begin to smell it and my mouth waters.

So, on to what I throw in.


Slow Cooker Roast –

4 – 5 lb chuck type roast  (I usually put two in, one on top of the other with spices in between and on top)

1 tsp (per roast) black ground pepper

1 tsp (per roast) garlic powder

Potatoes ( I am not saying how many as it depends on the size you buy and how many will fit)

Carrots (Same as above) About 3

Celery (Same as above) About 3 stalks

1 Onion (What ever kind you like)

Garlic cloves (Optional, if I have any) About 6 I love Garlic and it is sooo good for you

1 cup of water

I turn my Slow Cooker on High while I am getting out my meat and cleaning my vegetables. Once everything is ready I layer in my meat and spices.  Pour your water around the edges of the meat or put it in first.  Add onion, garlic, potatoes, carrots, then celery on top.  About now, I have got this so full my lid almost doesn’t close.  You need it to close to keep those juices in.  🙂  I now turn my Slow cooker down to low and go to work.  You will need to know or learn (if it is new to you) your slow cooker.  They do not all heat alike.  Also how many hours is it on for you?  I am doing this at about 6am and not getting home from work before 7pm, so LOW works for me.  When I get home I will have delectably tender meat and cooked vegetables. If you like your vegetables “less done” you might not like them in your slow cooker.   For this meal I love it.  Other times I do like my veg crunchy.


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