Rose Facial Toner

Rose Facial Toner

In my quest to make my own healthy, homemade, skin care, I decided I wanted to make a toner; a Rose Facial Toner.  I tried to make this feel like the Organic Toner I had been using.  I don’t know how close I really came, but so far I am liking the way it feels.  And the pores in my face that had just started to change (bigger) are looking more normal to me (smaller).  

Rpse Toner with Ingredients

Rose Toner with Ingredients

 Rose Facial Toner

What I used:

2 oz of *Homemade Rose Infused Witch Hazel

2 oz of **Homemade Rose Water

1 tbl Apricot Kernel Oil

1tbl Rosehip Seed Oil

2 Vit E Capsules

 Mix this Rose Facial Toner all together and put it in a spritzing bottle.  I used the one my old toner came in. I like it because it is glass.  You must shake this well before each use as the liquids will separate from the oils.

*Read how to make Rose Infused Witch Hazel

**Read how to make Rose Water

Below are the products that I bought for this formula.  I looked for a wonderful, glass, spritzer bottle to suggest and I am not completely sold on one yet.  So I hope you also have a glass spritzer bottle you can repurpose for your Rose Facial Toner.




Have you made your own toner?  What formula do you like?  I hope you enjoy.

As with any recipe keep in mind your allergies.  If you are allergic to Roses or Apricots you probably would not want to make this.

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