ResourcesMy Favorite Resources –

Here you will find some of my favorite Resources.

  • There will be Web pages I like
  • There will be Blogs that I look at
  • Places I buy supplies or plan to buy supplies

A very handy blender –  that I plan to use for making some of my natural skin care etc.  Watch for my posts and I will share.

I absolutely love coconut oil.  The is the latest one that I have purchased as it is unrefined.  See my post about the difference, and its many uses. 100% Unrefined Expeller Pressed, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. –

I have been using Cocoa powder in my morning coffee.  I have now ordered my first order of Cacao Powder , which I understand is much better for you.  Watch for a post when I learn more.


Supplies –

Great place for supplies:


Glass bottles:



Web page help: