Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil

                The Wonders of Peppermint Oil!!

Peppermint EO

Peppermint Essential OIl

Peppermint oil has many wonderful uses!  If you are hot you can put a couple of drops right on your temples or the back of your neck and it helps you cool down.  This works even for hot flashes!!

The smell of peppermint can clear your head, help with your mental clearness and  help you to be more alert.  Peppermint can sharpen your awareness and be very refreshing.

I have also found that Peppermint Oil can help as a pain reliever.  Headaches, sinus pain, joint pain.  Think about it, it is one of the smells in a lot of the over the counter, full of chemical pain rubs.

Now you can learn more about it and purchase it here.

Massage Oil

Massage Oil

You can add it to a simple massage oil as a carrier, or combine it in your favorite body lotion recipe.

I have finally after months come up with one I will share soon.


Another idea is to put it in a roll on bottle and carry it in your purse or send it to school with your children when they are feeling sluggish and need to think clearer.  Remember this is diluted Peppermint oil.  Sounds good to me.

Full strength could be too strong for some peoples and children’s skin.

Also, I believe pregnant mama’s aren’t supposed to use Peppermint oil.



As with all things that we do for ourselves remember to check with a professional if you have questions or concerns.  These are just my ideas and things I have done or have had people share with me.


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