Marguerite’s Skin Care

Marguerite’s Skin Care   


Announcing Marguerite’s skin care – I started making my own skin care about five years ago.  I feel I have finally perfected my recipes enough to share with others.  In 2017 I started offering in my Salon to my client and getting fantastic reviews.  

I have made this is what I call an Anti Ageing formula,  a formula for teenagers and acne, and a formula for the normal skin type.  

So now it is time – 

So now it is time to add it to my web page.   I need to spend more time to be able to get you  info on the ingredients.


But for NOW –

I will just let you know there are no NASTY chemical in it.


Purchase – 

You can purchase a Travel/Trial size kit for only $24.99 plus tax and shipping.  

Includes – 

1 oz of cleanser

1/2 oz of toner

1/2 oz serum

1/2 oz lotion – face cream


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