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Homemade Rose Water

Homemade Rose Water

 Rose Water

When I set out to buy the ingredients to make my first batches of skin care and cleaning products I wanted some Rose Water.  I looked around and chose to buy this one.

Let me tell you, it smells absolutely wonderful. 

Homemade Rose Water

Then I decided I might want to use quite a bit of it and I set out to make my own.  Here is a jar steeping  some Rose Petals from my garden.

Homemade Rose Water

Rose Water Steeping


My next thoughts were I do not use Organic Fertilizer on my lawn.  We do on our eating garden, but not the lawn.  Well….. my Rose bushes sit right on the edge of my lawn, so now I do NOT have organic rose petals.  Back to the drawing board, and this is what I ended up with.        

So Now What Do We Do You Ask?

Making your own homemade rose water is very simple.  First decide what jar you are going use.  Mine holds about 18 oz. Glass is best, in my opinion.   Get your Organic Rose Petals, I put 1/2 cup into my jar. Then you should use either purified or distilled water so you aren’t adding other contaminants to your Organic Rose Water.  Warm your water, I don’t bring it to a boil just warm it up. Then pour it over your petals.  Put the lid on and wait.  I let mine sit out on the counter for 24 hours before I put it in the refrigerator.

Homemade Rose Water

Making Rose Water

Homemade Rose Water

Rose Water Done


I have not made a dent in my bag of petals.  If you are interested in trying a small portion, contact me and I will figure out a price for you.

Recipes I use my Homemade Rose Water

I use this Rose Water for my Rose Facial Toner and my Keep The Wrinkles Away Cream.

Do you use Rose water?  What do you use it for?



About the Author Marguerite

I have owned my own Beauty Salon for 38 years (as of 2018). I enjoy talking to my clients and helping them in any way I can, not just their hair, nails and skin. I have been studying essential oils and beauty care products for many years. Over five years ago I started making my own cleaning product and body care products. I have tweaked my recipes many times and am probably not done. :) In 2017 I decided it was time to venture out and begin to share my skincare line with my clients, family and friends. With their great feedback I knew it was time to get them on my webpage. This year, 2018, it is time to share my essential oil products. Keep a look out while my offerings grow! Enjoy, thank you and GodBless.

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