Golf pictures Nevada

Golf Pictures Nevada

One of the things my husband and I love to do is golf.  I believe we are addicted.  We don’t go to a lot of different places but I believe I have gotten some nice pictures from some of the places we have golfed.

Hope you enjoy.

Golf pictures Nevada

Golf in Nevada

Golf pictures Nevada

More golf in Nevada

We went to Nevada, September of 2011 for a couple of days and thoroughly enjoyed this golf course.  It was very pretty, and we enjoyed a beautiful sunset. Knowing us, that sunset was much better than our golf. 🙂  This was taken about 7 in the evening.


Golf pictures


Bunnies came to watch us Golf. These bunnies were right beside the cart path.  They did not care about us at all.  In fact one of them came towards our cart wanting some of the peanuts I was snacking on.


Golf pictures Nevada

Looking for the ball


 There was a lot of sand along the sides of the fairways.  Don’t remember exactly, but it would be a pretty good bet that we were in it plenty.  My husband and I tend to use the WHOLE golf course when we are out.



There was this very interesting house perched right in the hillside.  I bet they had a fantastic view.  Hope they don’t have an earth quake or mudslide though.

perched house

Perched right there

Golf Pictures

House on the hill

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