Glass Containers – no BPA

Glass Containers – no BPA

A few years ago I switched out my cheap plastic storage containers to some BPA free plastic ones.  I thought I was doing a great thing.  And I still feel it was a better choice.  Now I am reading that what they have changed out the BPA for, BPSis nearly as bad for us as the BPA.  Does that just figure.  So now I will be working towards changing out for glass.  I think this  Rubbermaid 8-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set, will be my first purchase. (Affil Link)

Rubbermaid glass

Rubbermaid Glass


They look like they have very nice sealing lids.


These containers by Kinetic Go Green look very nice as well.
(Affil Link)   The FDA has actually made some changes as to the use of BPA but in my opinion they let a lot of products, medicines etc. be approved that are NOT good for us.  So you do need to do your own research and make your own decisions.  As for me I feel there are so many bad chemicals out there that are very hard to stay away from that if I can limit my exposure to some, I will.

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