Gelatin – It’s many benefits

Gelatin – It’s many benefits

A while ago I started researching for the next thing to stop my skin from ageing.   I have hit my mid 50’s and though I have used high quality skin care since my mid 20’s I am still beginning to see some sag happening.  Oh NO!!!!

What I ran into is people talking about the benefits of a high quality Gelatin.  So I ordered some.  I found it on Amazon.  And that said that leads to a little confusion as well.  There are a few different types.  “Great Lakes”  makes a pure protein, Kosher, unflavored, Beef gelatin. (Affiliate Link)  A second product they also make is a pure protein,   Unflavored Gelatin, Porcine, . (Affiliate Link)

Both of these come in a reddish/orange canister.  So be careful and make sure you are getting the one you want.  The Porcine comes from Pig not Beef.

Both of these products dissolve in warm to hot water and will thicken what you put them in home made jello, gravies, etc.


“Great Lakes” third option is pure protein, Kosher, Bovine/Beef gelatin, but they have used a different process in making it, they call it  Collagen Hydrolysate. (Affiliate Link)

The process making it hydrolyzed makes this product quick to assimilate into the body and improves the hydration to connective tissues.

Great Lakes website says:
“Hydrolyzed Collagen is the missing link in supplying amino acids like glycine, proline and lysine that are required by the body to build connective tissue to regulate cell growth. It will benefit hair, skin tissue, muscle, cartilage, ligaments and blood cell growth. Some doctors are referring to this product as the new anti-aging product of the century.”

I have bought both of the Beef Gelatin’s and tend to use the Collagen Hydrolysate the most.  I have started making my own Coffee flavoring and this one is easy to add to my cold Almond Milk.

The ideal source:

The ideal source for your Gelatin is from your own home made.  See my recipe here.

Now lets explore some of the benefits –

  • The Glycine which is 29% of these products is said to help us with our sleep quality as well as lessen sleepiness during the day.
  • Skin,  (supposed to help tighten skin!!!) Increase Nail and Hair health and growth
  • Anti aging
  • Joint and bone health
  • Some of the reviews I read said their Cellulite lessened  (Can’t wait for that one either)
  • It is also said to improve digestion. (Which would make sense if it binds with water and then helps thing move.  My personal suggestion, with this in mind, would be to make sure you are drinking plenty of water).

 I made Healthy Gelatin Fruit Snacks, they are great way to have a treat and ass more gelatin into your diet.

Here are some recipes from Great Lakes to use with Gelatin.

I searched on Pinterest and found many fun things to do with Gelatin as well as DIY face masks.  You can see my making it and using it. It made my skin feel nice and soft.

This page by The Weston A. Price Foundation has information and also some recipes about using Gelatin.

There are many, many people sharing about the wonderful benefits of Gelatin. Here is a whole other post to share that.

Do you use Gelatin?  How often?  What results have you seen?  Please share.


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