Gelatin Face Mask

Gelatin Face Mask

In doing my research to share information about the wonderful benefits of Gelatin,  (Affiliate Link) I ran across some recipes for DIY Face Masks.

This is what I decided to try.

DIY Gelatin Face Mask

  • 1 tablespoon Powdered Gelatin
  • 2 tablespoons Almond Milk   (Amendment: Next time I will try 1 tbl. of milk if I use lemon juice.)
  • 1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
  • Optional: A couple drops of your favorite Essential Oil in stead of Lemon Juice.

You want your liquids to be room temperature to a little warmer for the Gelatin to mix nicely.

Gelatin Mask

Gelatin Mask

I found an unused small paint brush in my drawer so that is what I used to apply.  It felt very nice going on.  I took a picture, it’s pretty scary.  🙂

Mask dried

Mask dried

This made quite a bit more mask than I needed and since I have an aging neck as well I painted it all over my face and all the way down my neck.  I have now been sitting here with it on for 20 minutes and it is not quite dry enough to peel off.

Do Not – get this mask on your hair line, your eyebrows or any hair you want to keep.  If you do make sure you wash it off from there and not peel it off.

So I  have to share this experience as I have not used this type of mask in years.  I put this mask solution right up to about a 1/4″ from my eyes (to help that saggy skin, I hope) and right down to my lip line.  As this is drying my face is getting harder and harder to move.  I am writing this and drinking coffee,  with my own flavor mix added, and my lips are almost not listening to me.

I want the full amount of skin tightening benefit that I might get from this is why I am letting it dry completely.

Ok, so I think it must be time for the peel off,  back in a minute to let you know how that goes.

Mask peel

Mask peel

DONE – Let me tell you taking it off my neck was no big deal, just peeled it off.  I felt it but no big deal.  Now as I got to my face it was a little more intense.  I did about half my face by just peeling it off, then decided to wet a wash cloth with warm water, lay it on the rest of my face to soften the peel up a bit.  That was much better.

Sorry that picture is blurry.  I’ll take another one when I do it next week.

Result? – My face feels very nice and soft!!!

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