Coconut Oil

I have fallen in love with Coconut oil!!!

I absolutely love this oil.  I have been using it for oil pulling (teeth).  I have been rubbing it on a section of my gums in the hope it will give it some added nutrition and help it grow back a little.  (I brushed too hard and caused some gum recession) Now I know you can BRUSH TOO HARD.

I am cooking with coconut oil.

I am putting coconut oil in my coffee and my breakfast smoothie.

I am using it as a lotion after I get out of the hot tub at night and the shower in the morning.

For months I have been using this brand that I have gotten at Trader Joes. It is Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.  It does not state whether it is refined or unrefined which makes me thinCoconut Oilk it is refined.

Many of the articles that I have been reading talk about the greater benefits of unrefined, Organic Virgin Coconut oil.  The unrefined has the most beneficial properties intact. So as I am writing this post I am waiting for my first order of this Jarrow’s Brand.

Coconut Oil
Jarrow Formulas Coconut Oil 100% Organic, Extra Virgin, 32 Ounce

(Affil Link)

As an update, I wondered how I would do with adding this “fat” to my diet.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am probably not using more than a table spoon or so a day but I am continuing to loose weight not gain.  This Jarrow brand is wonderful!!

Here is one article that talks a little about the differences in refined and unrefined.

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