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Spring Brings Insects

Spring Brings Insects

With the arrival of Spring we get to enjoy the sprouting of beautiful flowers, the planting of the garden and the not so much fun presence of insects.

We live right on the edge of a steep bank that leads down to a small creek.  Especially small this year as we have not had enough rain.   Some of the enjoyable aspects of living near the creek are  being able to see the Deer, especially when they bring their babies around.

There is a small Red Fox that I have seen occasionally. The greenery in the creek grows up so quickly is becomes hard to see the wildlife but I often hear them.  We have possums, beavers, (that have taken out a few too many tress) and Racoons.  The raccoons have started coming into the yard and digging for bugs to eat.  Unfortunatley they are also getting some of my plants.  I’m not sure yet if that is on purpose or accident.

We only have one dog left, she is 14 and deaf, she no longer hears the possums, raccoons or stray cats when they are in the yard.

With the creek so close and many, many, too many stray cats as well as the small wild creatures passing though our yard  to the creek we definitely have a flea problem.

Since my husband and I do not use poisonous pesticides in our yard and I hate using those chemical flea and tick liquids on my animals I had to find a better way.

For the past three years I have been using Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  to keep the flea problem at bay.  Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade-10 Pound Bag  The Food Grade DE will control the insects that crawl across it. It is VERY important that you use Food Grade DE, not the stuff made for pools.

Below are some of the things that are in the description for the Diatomaceous Earth.

Control of hard shell insects (fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, beetles, bed bugs, etc); Will not harm earthworms.

  • Elimination and prevention of worms and internal parasites without chemicals
  • Improved coat and hoof condition
  • Fewer flies due to preventing fly larvae from developing in manure
  • Safe for Human or Animal Consumption

 When insects come in contact with diatomaceous earth, the D.E. absorbs their protective wax coating and their shells are damaged by the glassy diatoms. This combination causes them to die by dehydration. There is no survival and no built-up immunity as there is with chemical insecticides. D.E. also does not break down as chemicals do, and the more that it is used, the more insects feel unwelcome in the area.

The way I apply it in small areas like the base of doors  is with this handy dandy Pest Pistol. With it’s small tip it is easy to get under the wooden threshold of our doors, at the very base of the house and I blow it in the dogs house with this.

To do larger areas, all around the edges of our yard, in the carport and all the edges of the house I use this. Sometimes I’m in a hurry if the fleas arrive before I have treated the yard and I just put it in a container, put gloves on and sprinkle it around. Diatomaceous Earth is a very fine powder and can be messy if you are not careful. When I’m in a hurry I am not careful.  I end up with it up the wall on the sidewalk….oh well.  If the fleas are stopped I and my animals are happy.

I also make sure I put some on the pets bedding and I rub it into their fur as well. You can add it to your pets food to eliminate/prevent internal parasites. This is a wonderful product with many ways to use it!

I also in reading reviews  about Diatomaceous Earth I read where people have used it for a bed bug problem.  It does make sense. 

Spring Brings Insects

If you have pets this is another product that can be given them to help them from the inside out. 

The good thing about a product like this is that the way it works is after a time of your animal eating it they give off an odor that fleas and ticks do not like. This Brewers Yeast has a small amount of garlic in it, garlic in small amounts in Ok for your pets just not large amounts.  This method is much better than the chemical liquids that you put on and the flea or tick needs to bite the animal before they die.  My dog is allergic to flea bites so it doesn’t do her any good if she has to get bit first.

 Here is another product that smells nice and can be sprayed on your pet or around the entire door area to keeps bugs out when you open the door.  It has a wonderful aroma of Cloves and Peppermint.

You can also spray this on a bandana and tie it around your dogs neck as a more natural flea collar.

If you have or are interested in acquiring Essential Oils, some of the popular ones to put on your pets collar would be:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint

Like humans pets like and dislike or are allergic to different things. I would try one EO at a time to see how they react before I added more to the mix.

I would not put straight Essential Oils on your pets skin (or yours) as they can burn.

If you have room to plant some plants you can also plant Lemongrass as an insect repellant.

So even though Spring Brings Insects I hope I have given you some ideas to combat the problem with more healthy and natural choices.

What healthy choices do you use to combat pesky insects in your yard?

Meet the beneficials

Meet the Beneficials

Meet the Beneficials –

Natural Enemies of Garden Pests by 

Meet the beneficials

Meet the beneficials



Garden Pests

Garden Pests

Get rid of those garden pests in a safer way


It was a warmer winter and I think we will have way more unwanted garden pests this year –  try making these all natural, organic and highly effective insecticide sprays.

Andrea from has three great DIY recipes for getting rid of those unwanted pests, including:

  • Homemade All-Purpose Insecticide Spray
  • Basic Insecticidal Soap
  • Spider Mite Spray

To see these three recipes, click the link below…

[button link=”” color=”teal” window=”yes”]How to make Organic Pesticides and Insecticides[/button]

Do you have a great recipe to control those pesty garden pests?  Share your recipe below.