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Ionic Foot baths

Ionic Foot baths – 

I am here to help guide you to learn different ways for you to help your body heal itself.  I feel one of the ways that can be done is to commit to a series of Ionic Foot baths.

Some pictures –                                                                                                                                                           

Take Control of Your Health

Take Control of Your Health – 


Do you want to take control of your health? We all want to be as healthy as possible. Do you have concerns about your health?  Do you want help deciding what vitamin and supplements might be best for you? 


Want to learn how?

Well, you have come to the right place.  You need to contact me and come in for a Zyto scan.


Want to learn more?


Want to learn more and understand how the Zyto scan works?  Below is one good article.

Learn more here

Contact me for your Zyto scan

Keep fruit slices from browning

Keep Fruit Slices From Browning

Keep fruit slices from browning

Keep Fruit Slices From Browning

Keep Fruit Slices From Browning

I am way more likely to eat fruit in my very busy day if it is cut up ahead of time.  But then it is not too appealing when it has turned brown. If you too want to learn some healthy ways to keep fruit slices from browning check the link below.

Monica from  has tested many options and shares them with us here.

The first idea I am going to try is the mix of 1/2 cup of Apple cider vinegar to 1/4 cup Lemon juice.  Those two things I always have on hand and I will enjoy the added tartness.

What ways do you use to Keep Fruit slices From Browning?
Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Confusing?

Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Confusing?

Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Confusing? 


Do you find remembering the difference between Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, confusing? I have been personally using and selling encapsulated herbs for over thirty years.  I still have a lot to learn.  Last year when I started this web site I began to make my own skin care. I love my Oil Face Cleanser and my moisturizer.  (Links to recipes soon.)

This year I am venturing out quite a bit more with essential oils. In all of these topics you come across the terms Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, infusions and more.  I am always having to look them up because I can never remember what is what.

Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Confusing?

Today I came across this post by Faith at Nourishing Herbalist and she has taken the time to write it all down in one place.  She also has included a wonderful picture chart that she gives permission to print and share. Thank you Faith.


Teas, Tinctures, Tonics, Confusing?

Photo from

Do you make Tinctures, Tonics or infusions?  What do you use them for.  I would love to have you share.

Spring Brings Insects

Spring Brings Insects

With the arrival of Spring we get to enjoy the sprouting of beautiful flowers, the planting of the garden and the not so much fun presence of insects.

We live right on the edge of a steep bank that leads down to a small creek.  Especially small this year as we have not had enough rain.   Some of the enjoyable aspects of living near the creek are  being able to see the Deer, especially when they bring their babies around.

There is a small Red Fox that I have seen occasionally. The greenery in the creek grows up so quickly is becomes hard to see the wildlife but I often hear them.  We have possums, beavers, (that have taken out a few too many tress) and Racoons.  The raccoons have started coming into the yard and digging for bugs to eat.  Unfortunatley they are also getting some of my plants.  I’m not sure yet if that is on purpose or accident.

We only have one dog left, she is 14 and deaf, she no longer hears the possums, raccoons or stray cats when they are in the yard.

With the creek so close and many, many, too many stray cats as well as the small wild creatures passing though our yard  to the creek we definitely have a flea problem.

Since my husband and I do not use poisonous pesticides in our yard and I hate using those chemical flea and tick liquids on my animals I had to find a better way.

For the past three years I have been using Diatomaceous Earth (DE)  to keep the flea problem at bay.  Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade-10 Pound Bag  The Food Grade DE will control the insects that crawl across it. It is VERY important that you use Food Grade DE, not the stuff made for pools.

Below are some of the things that are in the description for the Diatomaceous Earth.

Control of hard shell insects (fleas, ticks, ants, roaches, beetles, bed bugs, etc); Will not harm earthworms.

  • Elimination and prevention of worms and internal parasites without chemicals
  • Improved coat and hoof condition
  • Fewer flies due to preventing fly larvae from developing in manure
  • Safe for Human or Animal Consumption

 When insects come in contact with diatomaceous earth, the D.E. absorbs their protective wax coating and their shells are damaged by the glassy diatoms. This combination causes them to die by dehydration. There is no survival and no built-up immunity as there is with chemical insecticides. D.E. also does not break down as chemicals do, and the more that it is used, the more insects feel unwelcome in the area.

The way I apply it in small areas like the base of doors  is with this handy dandy Pest Pistol. With it’s small tip it is easy to get under the wooden threshold of our doors, at the very base of the house and I blow it in the dogs house with this.

To do larger areas, all around the edges of our yard, in the carport and all the edges of the house I use this. Sometimes I’m in a hurry if the fleas arrive before I have treated the yard and I just put it in a container, put gloves on and sprinkle it around. Diatomaceous Earth is a very fine powder and can be messy if you are not careful. When I’m in a hurry I am not careful.  I end up with it up the wall on the sidewalk….oh well.  If the fleas are stopped I and my animals are happy.

I also make sure I put some on the pets bedding and I rub it into their fur as well. You can add it to your pets food to eliminate/prevent internal parasites. This is a wonderful product with many ways to use it!

I also in reading reviews  about Diatomaceous Earth I read where people have used it for a bed bug problem.  It does make sense. 

Spring Brings Insects

If you have pets this is another product that can be given them to help them from the inside out. 

The good thing about a product like this is that the way it works is after a time of your animal eating it they give off an odor that fleas and ticks do not like. This Brewers Yeast has a small amount of garlic in it, garlic in small amounts in Ok for your pets just not large amounts.  This method is much better than the chemical liquids that you put on and the flea or tick needs to bite the animal before they die.  My dog is allergic to flea bites so it doesn’t do her any good if she has to get bit first.

 Here is another product that smells nice and can be sprayed on your pet or around the entire door area to keeps bugs out when you open the door.  It has a wonderful aroma of Cloves and Peppermint.

You can also spray this on a bandana and tie it around your dogs neck as a more natural flea collar.

If you have or are interested in acquiring Essential Oils, some of the popular ones to put on your pets collar would be:

  • Cinnamon
  • Clove
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lavender
  • Lemongrass
  • Peppermint

Like humans pets like and dislike or are allergic to different things. I would try one EO at a time to see how they react before I added more to the mix.

I would not put straight Essential Oils on your pets skin (or yours) as they can burn.

If you have room to plant some plants you can also plant Lemongrass as an insect repellant.

So even though Spring Brings Insects I hope I have given you some ideas to combat the problem with more healthy and natural choices.

What healthy choices do you use to combat pesky insects in your yard?

Spring is in the air

Spring Is In The Air



Spring is in the air


Spring Is In The Air

It has seemed like Spring has been here for many weeks already.  We got a small amount of rain a couple of weeks back but not near enough.  Our lakes are way too low and there is not enough snow pack on our mountains.  I suspect we are really going to have a water problem if we do not get more rain.

In our house we have been taking water rationing measures since January.  I fill a bucket of water every morning while waiting for the water in the shower to warm up. I use this water to flush the toilet with and water plants outside. I have bought a plastic dish pan that fits the small side of my sink perfectly, to collect water there. This water I typically dump on the lawn as I have no plans to eat that.  I think if we keep this up we will be able to keep the lawn alive even if we are told we are not allowed to water this summer.

In my Beauty Salon I have a bucket by the wash sink and put the hose in there while the water warms up.  We use this water to  water plants out side. It is amazing to see how much water is normally wasted.


Enjoy my Spring Flowers!!

The reason I started this post though is to share the proof that Spring is in the air.  Well, in this case the ground actually.  So please enjoy some of the flowers that have been blooming in my yard.

Spring is in the air



Spring is in the air





Spring is in the air

   Spring Foliage

Spring is in the air

Miniature Rose


Spring is in the air

Potato Vine

 Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air


Spring is in the air



Spring is in the air


Spring is in the air


Spring is in the air

First Wisteria


 Hope you have enjoyed my

Spring is in the Air


What flowers are blooming in your yard right now??



Edible Patio Garden

My Edible Patio Garden


It is raining right now in Northern California but for the season we have not had near enough.  That brings us all talking about the possibilities of water rations this summer.

My first thoughts were that we should not plant a garden this year if we would be short of water.  But…. I changed my mind.  My husband and I talked about it and with the crazy Winter this has been all over the States  – not enough water here – too much water there-  crazy freezing and snow  – well… you get my drift – our food in the stores may become even more expensive than normal.

It has been crazy expensive to feed the cattle around here, so I would not be surprised to see beef prices go up.  Also with little water, the crops will not be producing as they should.  That may affect our fruit and vegetable prices at both the stores and the farmers markets.

Our fruit trees bloomed very early because it was gorgeous in both December and January.  But were the bees out there to do their job of pollinating?  I don’t know.  We seem to have a lack of bees problem anyway.  Now, we have wind and rain, so only time will tell how the fruit and nuts trees in the area will fair.

Now back on point – we decided if we must, we will let the grass die and water our

Edible Patio Garden

So last weekend I started……………I went to our local farmers Market; we have one that is open all year now.  Besides some fresh vegetable to use in my cooking last week I bought plants.  Most of them will put on pretty flowers.  The key and fun part is for my Edible Patio Garden, I did not buy anything we could not eat.  Many of these plants look familiar to me.  I think they grew wild near where I grew up in Oregon.  I think most people kills these plants as weed out of their yards because we have not been taught through times that they can be eaten.

Here is what I bought for my:

Edible Patio Garden

Sorrel – 

 The lady that sold this to me said that it will taste similar to kiwifruit or wild

Edible Patio Plants

Garden Sorrel

strawberries. (Mine only has a couple of leaves so I did not taste it yet.) I read the leaves are high in vitamin C.  This is one that I will try a small amount in salads, or my green smoothies.  Womens-health-club  says it can be poisonous.  It also talks about possible medication interactions.  Neither my husband or I take any so I just need to find out a total safe amount to eat.   Wikipedia’s Sorrel page.

I look forward to talking to the lady that sold me the Sorrel varieties to ask again how she uses it and how much. 

This is an example as to how we each need to do our own research about things and make our own choices.

 Wild Sheep Sorrel –

Edible Patio Plants

Wild Sheep Sorrel

The leaves of this plant have a lemony tang. I am pretty sure this grew wild all over my parent’s property.  And when it flowered then went to seed we ran our fingers up the stem and popped off the seeds.  It was good fun.   But it sounds like you don’t want to eat too much of this one either.  I will update when I can learn more. Learn more here: Wikipedia

 Salad Burnet –

The young leaves of this plant taste a little like cucumber. I have tasted mine.  I understand if you pick the large ones they are bitter.  Wikipedia talks about Salad Burnet. has a good amount of information on growing and uses for Salad Burnet.

Edible Patio Plants

Salad Burnet

 Borage – 

 Borage is also called Starflower. Bees like these flowers and we need more bees. I think the flowers are beautiful.  They will change from pink to purple. The leaves are also supposed to taste like cucumbers.  Borage is said to be a great companion planting for tomatoes and strawberries.  I have strawberries already on my deck and I usually have 4 to 6 tomatoes plants on the deck.  I haven’t bought those yet.  It is said that Borage helps to keep the tomato horn worm off the tomatoes, that would be good.  I HATE picking them off. Learn more from also has some good information about Borage.

Edible Patio Plants

Borage tiny

Edible Patio Plants


Edible Patio Plants





 Clary Sage –

Clary Sage also has a very pretty flower.  I have ordered this one on my Essential Oil order and am looking forward to using it for insomnia and times of feeling anxious. Wikipedia doesn’t have a lot to say about this one.  It has also been historically used to help women balance their hormones. has some great information that I will be referring back to when my plant has lots of leaves and flowers.

Edible Patio Plants

Clary Sage


Kale – 

I planted Kale in a pot last year and it took me awhile to get used to it’s very strong  flavor on it’s own.  I don’t mind it in my green smoothies or a small amount in a salad. If I get over run with it, I plan to try Kale chips.  Also beet chips, but I haven’t planted those yet either.  Wikipedia also mentions that the flavor is sweetened when frozen or hit by a frost, so I will be trying that as well. 

Edible Patio Plants


Swiss Chard – 

(Bright Lights variety)  I loved all the colors!!  I have grown Swiss chard before so I know it is simple. Chard is high in vitamins A, K and C.  It is good fresh in salads and if you let it get to big and it is a little bitter just steam it like you would spinach and that usually takes care of it.

Edible Patio Plants

Colorful Chard

Chinese Cabbage –

(Napa Cabbage)  I have never grown this.  I like to eat it steamed and I made my first batch of Kimchi out of some I bought.  So I am excited to learn how this one grows.  It sounds like it would have been better planted in late summer early fall but we shall just have to see.

Edible Patio Plants

Napa Cabbage

Strawberries –

(Sequoia variety)  Since I understand that strawberries have shallow roots I am planting them in one of my hanging pots.  I can always move them later if they are not happy there.  I have others in pots on the deck as well. The Sequoia is supposed to give a large flavorful strawberry.

Licorice Mint –

This is just for fun.  I planted it  beside my lemon mint.  I will try steeping them together for some tea.  I am not real fond of the flavor of licorice but my husband likes it.  I also have a chocolate mint plant.

Red Onions – 

I don’t think onions need any introduction.

Garlic –

I love to cook with garlic and have never tried to grow it.

Ginger –

I use ginger in my cooking and have never grown it either. 

Turmeric – 

I have not yet cooked with turmeric.  Not fresh that is. I use turmeric capsules for inflammation and pain. So I am hoping when it grows, if I add it to more of my cooking dishes I can buy less capsules.  Or I will be able to grind it and dry it and make my own. Should be cheaper. I will also use the turmeric in my “I refuse to get sick” liquid.  I had not found any when I made my last batch.

Then we have a section of dirt between two Mulberry Trees, that when we moved here there was grass trying to grow there.  I finally gave up on that and we sectioned it off and I planted some ground cover.  That has really never taken of either, so now I am going to try to amend it a hole at a time and plant some edible plants in there.  So we mixed a BUNCH of compost, and a small amount of sand in to that clay dirt.  Then we planted some Asparagus and Artichokes.  I hope they do well.  Will hopefully share pictures of their bounty.

That is as far as I have gotten so far.  Well to be truthful not all of that is in the pots yet.  Almost, but I did not feel like playing in the rain today.  ๐Ÿ™‚

So what do you plant?  Do you have room for a large garden or do you plant in pots?



Great Garden Ball Ideas

Great Garden Ball Ideas

Great Garden Ball Ideas by Melissa

Great Garden Ball Ideas

I have been looking for ideas to spruce up my yard that don’t need to be watered.  With this summers drought on the way and the threat that we will have water rationing, waterless ideas are a must.

In the past I have looked at those Gazing balls but so far I have never bought one.  I like making things, I like trying new things.  That has led me to share Melissa’s Great Garden Ball Ideas.

Melissa from Empress of Dirt has some great pictures, ideas and tutorials to make some garden balls.



Melissa – if you see this I am trying to figure out how to get my water mark off the picture. 

Eyes and Essential Oils

Eyes and Essential Oils 

Normally when  I share with you I like to have used/eaten etc. whatever it is for awhile and tweek to my liking.  On this one I am going to just share.

I have absolutely no experience with eyes and essential oils and I am not going to pretend I do.  I must say though,  I will be making this first serum as soon as I get in the couple of oils I do not already have.

Rebecca at  has put together a post with very interesting information about the use of essential oils and eye health.  In this post she has three recipes that have really peaked my interest.

This first recipe is said to improve vision.  You use it on the facial bone area.

[quote]Dr. David Hill, a world renowned essential oil expert and others have suggested that they have improved their vision with long term regular use of this blend AKA DIY Immortelle.[/quote]

The oils used in her recipe are ones that I either already have on hand or are right here on my “to buy” list.  I wear readers at the moment. I will be making this one up soon and will let you know.  It would be very nice to either need a less strength or not at all.

Rebecca’s second recipe is for people with Macular Degeneration. This one is actually rubbed into the feet. How exciting to possibly be able to improve these issues without drugs.

The third recipe on the eye and essential oils post at Camp Wander is an eye drop

[quote]According to Modern Essentials, these drops have been used for Glaucoma, cataracts, spots, film and growths of various kinds.[/quote]

She says this one stings, which makes sense as it has Apple Cider vinegar in it. As this one is actually put in the eye, talk to your eye doctor first.

 Rebecca, thank you so much for researching this and sharing.

Disclaimer:  Again, I am not a doctor.  I am sharing because I find this information interesting and possibly very beneficial.  What you do with your own body is your responsibility.  Do your own research. 

Keep Front Loader Washing Machine Clean

-Keep Front Loader Washing Machine Clean-

Keep front loader washing machine clean

Washing Machine

There are just a few simple steps to remember to keep a front loader washing machine clean.   I will give my mom credit here for teaching me when I was younger, then reminding me years later when I bought my first HE machine.  Thanks mom!  We grew up with my mother always having a front loader, and my mother never completely closed the front door.

Shortly after I got my first Front loader it began to smell musty and it dawned on me why my mother never closed the door.  If the washing machine has the ability to dry out inside it is NOT going to grow mold and it will NOT stink.  So I quickly ran a HOT load through with a cup of bleach (Yes, I still used bleach then) it was good as new and I now leave the door open when I take a load out.

Another problem – In talking to many of my clients (I am a Cosmetologist), I hear complaints about front loaders, such as the clothes don’t come clean.  My mother also told me years ago when I got my HE not to over fill the load.  Most people over fill their front loaders and use TOO MUCH LAUNDRY DETERGENT!!!  Most people over fill their top loaders also, you just get away with it (as far as clean clothes go) because the water will come over the top of the clothes.  But in the top loaders you wear something out.  I don’t remember what it is but I did it.  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

In a Front loading washing machine,  you only need a small amount of laundry soap. You DO NOT need to see a lot of soap suds.  IF you see a lot of soap suds it is VERY likely that you are not getting the soap rinsed out,  (less water used).  This will do two possible things –

1.- Cause your clothes to become dingy.  (You will see it on your white first)

2. – Cause your clothes to start to smell.  (Because in a way, they are still dirty, dirty with soap)

With my homemade laundry soap I use 2 tbls for a large load.  I also started using that amount of the commercial store bought that I used to use.

I must share here, the laundry cleaner that I am using next only uses 1/2 a tsp for a medium load.  You can learn more about  it here.   I ordered mine from Amazon having decided I was going to make that leap. NaturOli EXTREME 18X Soap Nuts / Soap Berry Liquid Organic Laundry Soap, Natural HE Detergent & Green All-purpose Cleaner. SUPER-concentrated, Sulfate-free, Allergy-free, Unscented. (3 Pack)  (Affiliate link)


Keep Front Loader Washing Machine Clean

 If you have a front loading washing machine that has grown mold and smells, get out

Keep Front Loader Washing Machine Clean

Baking Soda Paste

your white vinegar and baking soda.  For the gasket around the front edge spray with your vinegar and then sprinkle with baking soda.  Add more vinegar so it is like a paste.  Let it sit for about a half an hour, then go scrub at it with a tooth brush.  Do the same if you have let the detergent compartment get mildewed.   When you have gotten that as clean as you can, I would sprinkle 1/2 cup baking soda in the drum, then put 1 cup white vinegar in the detergent compartment and set it to wash a HOT load.  This should get you back to a good starting point.

Keep Front Loader Washing Machine Clean

1. Use less detergent  (play with it, remember you do not need to see soap bubbles).

2. Use vinegar in your softener compartment  (it helps remove excess detergent from clothes and does not build up in your machine) (And works fantastically as a fabric softener)

3. Remember to leave the door on the machine open a crack so it can dry out.  ( I do not have children, if you think one might climb in there then this might not be for you.  You will just need to do the plain vinegar wash more often)

 This is what I have found works for me, I hope it helps you if your are having trouble with how to keep your front loader washing machine clean.

Disclaimer: All things I post about are from my personal experience and are being shared as such. 

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